1015 Cass Street Unit 1A
Monterey, CA 93940

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Our Day just got better because of YOU!

If this is your first visit with me, welcome! 

One of my favorite things about the beauty business is all the neat people I get to interact with. I hope this brief introduction will help you feel as excited about your appointment as I am about meeting YOU!

Lets get started... 

It is my policy not to work over other artists work. All new clients will need to start with a new set or a revive appointment depending on the current state of your lashes. 

Your experience starts when you use the online booking system  right here on the website. Your appointment will require a valid credit card to book + a deposit. The card on file will not be charged and is only used for the Cancellation Policy.

 Once you have completed booking your appointment, you will then receive confirmation details about the date and time selected. Please make sure you read through all of my policy's before booking to ensure there is no confusion about what to expect.

Day of your appointment ...

Glam Bam Lashes is located in the upstairs portion of Unit 1, 1015 Cass St in Monterey, CA. I ask that you please arrive with clean lashes 5-10 minutes early to find parking, use the restroom, and settle in. At this time we will go through a brief consultation process. Our consultation will cover the plan for your first visit and also discuss your long term lash goals to make sure that we are on the same page and you leave feeling beautiful and confident.

Your service notes and lash photos from every appointment will be recorded so that we have a history of what we do to ensure that your results are consistent with each visit or that changes can be made with ease. 

We will wrap up the visit by discussing aftercare procedures and set you up with your next visit.

Check out the Bio Page to get to know your artist.

Important Details about your appointment...

  • Although the booking system requires a credit card to book, it does not auto charge the deposit and you will need to fill out the intake form in order to be approved for an appointment.

  • The deposit for a Full Set or Revive appointment is non-refundable and is only transferable 1 time if within the cancellation policy. The deposit is used towards your appointment.

  • The adhesive will not properly bond to dirty lashes, i.e. left over eyeliner, mascara, eyelash glue or eyeshadow. If there is excessive residue on the lash line there may be an additional charge for cleaning or you may have to reschedule.

  • It is best to shower the morning of your appointment as you will not be able to wet the extensions for 24 hours after application.

  • Please bring in 1 reference photo of your desired lash look and 1 reference photo of what you don't want them to look like. Everyone has a different definition of "natural" & "dramatic" so these photos will be used to ensure we are clear on what you want!

Tips to prepare you for your service

-Bring headphones to listen to your favorite podcast or book. 

 -Limit your caffeine intake as it makes your eyes extremely shakey.

 -Be sure to have your childcare set up. It is our policy not to have children in the studio

as there is nobody to babysit them.

 -Make sure to get there in time to use the restroom and wash your lashes.  

-Sleep! Use this time to catch up on sleep and relaxation. This is your time! ⠀ 

All fans are created and customized for each clients lash health. The health of your lashes is the absolute MOST important thing! Remember you and your lash artist are just developing a Lash relationship. If your lashes aren’t exactly what you want the first time, tell your artist how you are feeling and what you’d like to change. She will then adjust to give you your desired look!